Annajma Tiznit, Morocco


Client : ANAJMA SAKANE sarl

Head office : N° 53 RDC, Bloc B, Amicale des Fonctionnaires 85000 TIZNIT, Morocco

Trade Register 4835 / TIZNIT - Patent: 49502615

Tax Identifier: 50273155 -

Common Business Identifier : 00269371600074

Opening hours Sales office:

Monday to thursday and Saturday:

09:30 am to 13:30 pm and 15:30 pm to 19:00 pm

Friday :  09:30 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 19:00

Sunday by appointment by calling the number +212662425794


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Residences Annajma
                               Tiznit, Morocco

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Residences Annajma

               Tiznit Morocco

The largest project and undoubtedly the best and most attractive currently in Tiznit.

A program for building economic and social apartments to be implemented on an authentic and titled plot of land, located in the heart of Tiznit in the midst of several vital economic poles that generate intense commercial and social activity.


More important than this, it is a bold experience, pioneering a wonderful design that is completely in line with the principles of modern architecture and is built entirely around high quality, quitness and assured comfort for residents.

From 1st to 21/10/2021 and on the occasion of back to school and administrative, the Groupement d'Habitations  ANAJMA offers you quality discounts on the prices of its residential apartments.

Take your chance, don't miss it !


We offer you a generous offer of economic and social flats
Comfortable, high quality apartments for only

250 000 MAD


And very chic commercial shops, perfectly located in the heart of Tiznit around several economic and social poles generating strong commercial activity in a particularly dynamic sector.


Come and discover exquisite architecture of unparalleled beauty and a unique and unrivalled super location for your business and your children's accommodation.

Our program:

6 Secure Housing Groups

31 buildings built to the most advanced security standards.

629 comfortable and high quality flats.

Commercial shops perfectly located in the heart of Tiznit, an area of intense commercial activity.

Our legal framework:

Managing Company: ANAJMA SAKANE sarl

Head office : N° 53 RDC, Bloc B, Amicale des Fonctionnaires 85000 TIZNIT, Morocco

Trade Register 4835 / TIZNIT - Patent: 49502615

Tax Identifier: 50273155 -

Common Business Identifier : 00269371600074

Sales Office, Feddane Semlali adjoining the Road Station, Quartier Industriel, Tiznit,
Main land title n° 1/31
National Social Housing Programme Convention signed on 22.10.2014
Authorisation to Build n° 141/595 dated 20.11.2017


Our assets :

A Single commercial and géo-strategic position in the heart of Tiznit.

Proximity to all amenities,

A very modern, daring and pioneering architectural plan.

Bests Altitude, latitude, cohesion and authenticity of the land,

Our belonging to the city of TIZNIT.

Our values:

A genuine and responsible civic commitment,

The guarantee of comfort and high quality at all levels.


Maintenance and repair guarantee for 1 year and 3 years for the waterproofing of buildings and terraces




The project directly overlooks the southern entrance of the road station, and is located at 3-minute walk from the fruit and vegetable market and the wholesale market;


And less than 600 meters from the main axis, the junction of National Road No. 1 and other main roads linking Tiznit with the cities of the Kingdom

It is also just a few minutes away from all the social, economic and educational facilities necessary for family life


Residences Annajma Tiznit Morocco, are consisting of 6 safe housing groups containing 31 buildings built on five levels,


Including economic and social apartments with an area of ​​more than 54 square meters, containing two bedrooms + salon + beautiful bathroom + kitchen  table wash basin covered with a panel of good pink granite And underneath a complete potage + laundry room for washing machine and spreading clothes


The southern entrance to the Bus Station passes through the Annajma Tiznit Residences neighbourhood
The imposing fruit and vegetable market seen from the construction site of the Annajma Residences, located 300 to 200 m from it

Did you know that the architectural plans of the Annajma Tiznit Residences are the work of three great architects who have built large public and private buildings in most Moroccan cities?

click here for more informations

some realisations of the Agence Bouda architectes

Al ghonbaze pink with dense leaves, abundant flowers, a beautiful distinctive smell and various colours yellow and orange, preferred by the Amazighs


Project specifications:

Owner :


Head office : N° 53 RDC, Bloc B, Amicale des Fonctionnaires 85000 TIZNIT, Morocco

Trade Register 4835 / TIZNIT - Patent: 49502615

Tax Identifier: 50273155 -

Common Business Identifier : 00269371600074


Work manager :   


M Adelouahed BOUDDA, M Omar BOUDDA

et  M Jaouad EL BASRI,
Architeces DESA,

5 Rue Souriya, Gueliz, Marrakech Maroc

Tel: +212524446120


Sales office, opening times
From Monday to Thursday + Saturday

From 09:30 to 13:30

And from 15:30 to 19:00
Friday from 09:30 to 12:30

And from 16:00 to 19:00

On Sunday, the appointment by phone

number: +212662425794

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buyers guides page


for useful information


Don't miss this single opportunity!


Treat yourself to a comfortable and high quality flat and commercial shop guaranteed, located in the best commercial location in the heart of Tiznit the starting point of the express road to Dakhla and Africa linking the motorway network from Europe to Africa


We guarantee you a transaction


A daring plan, pioneering and single in Tiznit

Green spaces over 40% of the total area

Minimum distance between opposing building facades: 25m

Width of streets minimum 15m

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